Every Friday, Hypnoears likes to recognize and get to know our fans. Today we are featuring Curtina Jefferson.

Mini Black and White Original HypnoEars

Curtina is a respectful, beautiful, friendly woman who loves to bowl…especially with her 92 year old grandmother. She resides  in Atlanta, Ga where she is a dedicated employee of the Atlanta Fire Rescue as a Storekeeper,Principal.Her favorite places to shop are Victoria’s Secret and Walmart.

As you can see Curtina loves to rock HypnoEars.






We asked Curtina a few questions about her HypnoEars:


Question 1 What do you like about your HypnoEars?

Answer: I like them because they are made special for me and they are very odd.

Question 2 How do you feel when you wear your HypnoEars?

Answer 2: I feel very special because of the attention that I get from wearing my HypnoEars.

Question 3 What do other people say to you when you wear your HypnoEars?

Answer 3:People normally say they are beautiful and odd, and ask where did I get them.


Thank you Curtina for rocking HypnoEars!


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