To walk the streets of Baltimore, MD with a divine and unique appearance is very rare. Being an independent artist myself, it’s truly amazing what the mind can posses the hands to create. I am a proud owner of several pair of The Hypnoear collection and even down to naming The Hypnowings lets me know that customer care and satisfaction is top priority and for that I thank u. Diversity is in high demand with each pair created and I look forward to adding to my collection.. Thank u for all that u do!

Adrian MillerBaltimore, Md

Hypnoears would have to be the best earrings I have bought in a long.  I love unique items and that is exactly what hypnoears gives me.  I have quite a few pairs of earrings including the hyppies.  I love the assortment of colors that are available.  I can find and/or create a color combination that matches any outfit.  Whenever I wear my earrings, I get tons of compliments.  I think hypnoears is a perfect addition to complete any outfit.

Shoshana Ashison

My HypnoEars are awesome! I get so many compliments on them. You can tell that Olivia put’s her heart and soul in to her work. Each pair of HypnoEars I own are unique and  stitched to perfection!

Nneka Otim Natural Hair StylistSmyrna, Ga

Olivia is an example of a true artist living the life of her love and passion.  I am deeply inspired by her.  As for Hypnoears, well all I can say is that whenever I were mine heads turn, stop and even stare sometimes. Perhaps the people are hypnotized by the beauty of the art on the ears and the wearer 🙂 .

Immani HoodWashington , DC

My first time seeing a pair of Hypnoears, there was something about them that I just couldn’t shake.  I had never seen a pair of earrings that were so unique, yet so versatile in style.  After gawking at them for several weeks, I asked for a custom pair.  “What do you want,” asked the owner.  “I’m not sure. Something that describes me and my name.”  The owner said okay and then a few days later, I had my own custom pair of earring.  Between the colors and the design, they seemed to exemplify who I am presently, who I was in the past and the journey between the two.  How could a pair of earrings do this?  I fell in love with them from first sight and every time I wear them, I am reminded of who I have become and how my journey has made me a better person.  Your regular pair of earrings out of the store CANNOT do this!  Hypnoears was designed to inspire and empower the wearer to be uniquely them and LOVE IT!  Anyone can wear them, from the basketball-loving girl to the business owner and career-driven woman like myself.  I love my earrings and know that you will love yours too!

Davena Limitless Ellis

“I first came to know Olivia Thompson and her amazing work after a co-worker turned friend of mine here in Hampton, VA, wore her “eardrobe” to work regularly!  I was so amazed at the quality of work that Olivia produces. I’ve seen a variety of similar products at festivals and online alike and I can honestly say that no one matches the craft and care that Olivia puts into each pair.

You can imagine how delighted I was when I received a pair of uniquely made “Queen” Hypnoears in the mail one day. The colors – red, white, black and purple all symbolized something different, with the explanation of each handwritten in a note from the earring’s creator herself!

The time and attention that she takes in not only creating each pair, but in the shipping process is only the beginning of why I LOOOVE Hypnoears!!!”

Nina BrewtonWriter / Speaker/ Vocalist Hampton, Va

I was so thrilled when I received my earrings. OMG, when I saw them online, I thought they looked great. Well my opinion has changed since. They are Fabulous. I have worn them on special occasions and have gotten many compliments. The colors are the colors of my native homeland Grenada and you have made me more proud to wear my colors. As I write this, I plan of wearing them today to a Reggae show.  Thank you for your creativity and your service was outstanding. Nicely wrapped (I store the earring in the original bag you’ve sent 🙂 You have a customer who will come back.

Lois FrederickDesignerJacfred Creation Custom StationaryBear, Delaware